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102 Mohawk Trail
FL 32536
3 bedroom, 2 bath, on an oversized lot!
1,983 Sq/ft

Offered at $329,000

Imagine sitting on your front or back patio drinking a cup of coffee enjoying the beauty of your oversized lot enjoying the fact this home has a newer roof, new septic drain lines, and a new HVAC- meaning all the big ticket items are taken care of! As you step inside, you will notice the easy to maintain hard floors throughout, tall ceilings, and a gas fireplace perfect for a entertaining your closest guests. With multiple linen and coat closets, storage will not be an issue here. Are you the type that loves to cook? This home makes that a breeze! The pantry, cabinets, and plenty of counterspace allows for you to cook the most exquisite cuisines. Once you are finished, you can find yourself in your huge master bedroom with gorgeous tray ceilings, and a spacious master bathroom with separate areas for your tub, toilet, and shower. On the other side of the home are the other spacious bedrooms giving ample privacy.

Listed by Caitlin Hare

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