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41-web-or-mls-212 Warrior St Exterior-8
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45-web-or-mls-212 Warrior St Aerial-3
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44-web-or-mls-212 Warrior St Aerial-2
43-web-or-mls-212 Warrior St Aerial-1
42-web-or-mls-212 Warrior St Exterior-9
46-web-or-mls-212 Warrior St Aerial-4
47-web-or-mls-212 Warrior St Aerial-5
48-web-or-mls-212 Warrior St Aerial-6

212 Warrior Street
FL 32536
4 bedroom, 3 bath, two master suites!
Offered at $324,900

Two Master Suites deliver bang for your buck in this upgraded central Crestview home! Upgrades abound in building measures and features throughout. Additional insulation, cast-iron baths, expanded concrete parking, carport coverage, Tumbled stone fireplace. Beautiful Kohler faucets and fixtures, Granite throughout. Tile floors and showers, real brick accent wall. Kitchen features stainless appliances, and an ultra quiet Bosch dishwasher. More upgrades are found in the 'upgrade sheet'! If that isn't enough, peaceful Sunday afternoons can be spent on the expansive covered deck, overlooking the fully fenced back yard. Short commute to Duke field, and Eglin AFB.

Listed by Katie Morse

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