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384 John King Road
 FL 32539
4bedroom, 2 bath in the heart of South Crestview!
1,233 Sq/ft

Offered at $1,750 per a month

Nestled in the heart of South Crestview, this inviting rental offers more than just a place to live. Enjoy the warmth of beautiful hard floors throughout, providing both elegance and easy maintenance. Convenience is key, with a location close to a variety of restaurants and stores, as well as easy access to the interstate. Plus, for those affiliated with Eglin Airforce Base, this is an ideal spot - close enough for a hassle-free commute without the premium beach rental prices. We understand that pets can't be forgotten! So, with the owner's approval, this rental is pet-friendly, allowing you to create lasting memories with your furry companions. No need to worry about appliances - everything is included, even a washer and dryer! Call for your viewing today!

Listed by Spence Properties

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