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4068 Pinederosa Trail Crestview, FL 32539
4 bedroom, 3 bath lake front estate!
3319 sq/ft
Offered at $2300 per a month

Stunning lake front estate. This 4 bedroom home has it all, the stunning views, expansive land, generous interior rooms, and quiet surroundings. As you walk in the property, you will notice the vaulted ceilings, wood flooring and open concept living space. The kitchen is spacious with breakfast bar, cabinets galore, and a HUGE pantry/laundry room area. Master bedroom is on the first floor with an additional bedroom and full bathroom. The upstairs features two bedrooms and a full bath. Additional family room, covered carport, and porch for your enjoyment! Call Spence properties to schedule your showing! 850-826-1838. Rent is $2300 a month with a $2300 Security deposit to move in. Property is available for move in on 1/10/2023. 

Listed by Tiffany Spence

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