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Call office for appointment 850-826-1838

5168 Whitehurst Lane
FL 32536
3 bedroom, 2 bath pool home in South Crestview! 
1,892 sq/ft
Offered at $2,200 per a month

 Pool home in South Crestview! Nestled within this exquisite 3-bedroom plus office, you'll find the perfect blend of upgrades and comfort. Glide across the elegant wood flooring that graces the living spaces, leading you to an upgraded kitchen adorned with modern appliances and a delightful breakfast bar with an open floor plan concept. Featuring a split bedroom floor plan and both a formal dining room and eat in area. The allure of the refreshing pool beckons, providing a retreat for relaxation and pool service is provided! Need more space for recreation vehicles? RV parking pad is conveniently behind the privacy fenced yard. Storage shed, deck and more finish this outdoor space as the perfect retreat!

Listed by Spence Properties

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