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576 Pocahontas Drive
FWB, FL 32547
4 bedroom, 3 bath in Heart of FWB with no HOA!
Offered at $434,900

Absolutely stunning home located in central Fort Walton Beach! Meticulously maintained and clean. Minutes to both military bases, and 3 doors down for the neighborhood boat launch! Picture Saturday mornings with friends and family on the water. Or a quiet evening paddle boarding with dolphins.This spacious home delivers in lifestyle. Extra large living areas are perfect for entertaining. Bedrooms are huge with multiple closets for all the storage. Granite countertops, and craftsman accented cabinet doors grace the kitchen. Formal dining, Second living area and a downstairs half bath make this home an oasis. Outdoor living space with a peaceful screened porch and full privacy fenced back-yard for the pets. NO HOA so bring your boat and RV

Listed by Katie Morse

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