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3315 Bayou Drive Pensacola, FL 32505
4 bedroom, 2 bath, close to downtown Pensacola!
Offered at $214,800

Welcome home first time homebuyers or military personnel! This property is perfectly located just minutes from downtown Pensacola's vibrant lifestyle and within 20 minutes to Pensacola Naval Air Station. Imagine hopping on your electric bike and riding over to the restaurants, shops, and more! This property features a split floor plan and one of the bedrooms can easily be converted to an office space. The hard floors throughout are ideal for maintenance and style. You won't have to compromise on space with this home. There is an expansive Florida room, complete with ceiling fans, overlooking a large, fenced backyard with a pool and shed. There are 2 parks within 5 minutes, and enough room for a boat and within 10 mins to a boat launch. The beach is also a mere 30 minutes away.

Listed by Caitlin Hare

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